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Striking and Fielding

Striking and Fielding

Scheme of Work
Striking and Fielding


Pupils develop their basic understanding of striking and fielding games such as Rounders and Cricket. They learn skills used in these games such as throwing and catching, stopping a rolling ball, retrieving a ball and striking a ball. They are given opportunities to play one against one, one against two, and one against three. They learn how to score points in these types of games and how to play to the rules.

This scheme lends itself to developing the following personal and social whole child objectives:

Pupils will be given the opportunity to work COLLABORATIVELY with others, develop CONFIDENCE to achieve their best and COMPETENCE when performing skills. They will understand the importance of abiding by rules to keep themselves and others safe. Pupils will develop CHARACTER when beginning to compete against others, learning how to play fairly and respect each other.

Key Skills

  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Retrieving a ball
  • Stopping a ball
  • Fielding
  • Bowling
  • Batting

Learning Objective

LESSON 1 To be able to roll a ball towards a target.
LESSON 2 To be able to stop a rolling ball.
LESSON 3 To develop accuracy in underarm throwing and consistency in catching.
LESSON 4 To develop overarm throwing.
LESSON 5 To be able to strike a ball.
LESSON 6 To be able to retrieve a ball.
LESSON 7 To understand the roles of batter, bowler and fielder.
LESSON 8 To be able to run around bases to score points.

Assessment Criteria

Year 1
I can roll a ball towards a target.
I can stop a medium-sized ball with some consistency.
I can sometimes catch a beanbag and a medium-sized ball.
I can track a ball.
I know how to score points.
I can push a ball using my hand and an object.
I can recognise changes in my body when I do exercise.
Year 2
I can roll a ball to hit a target.
I am developing underarm and overarm throwing skills.
I can sometimes hit a ball using a racket.
I know how to score points and can remember the score.
I can track a ball and stop it.
I can apply these skills in a variety of simple games.
I can use some simple tactics.
I can describe how my body feels during exercise.

Links to the National Curriculum

Learning vocabulary – Striking, fielding, target, opponent, batter, bowler
Listening and following instructions
Expressing ideas of how to outwit an opponent and how to contribute to a team
Counting how many passes they can make in 30 seconds, trying to beat their own score
Keeping the score
Adding points together
Estimating distances to place cones
Exploring ways to throw, catch and roll a ball

Health and Safety

Ensure there is enough space between games. Ensure batters hit away from other children.