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Flamstead End Primary School

About Flamstead End:

Flamstead End School is a two-form entry Primary school based in Cheshunt, Herts. Children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 have access to the Get Set 4 PE platform. Get Set 4 PE was introduced to the school in September 2017 in a bid to improve the quality of Physical Education delivered to all children at the school. Previous subject evaluations suggested that although the school was comfortable with its practice of Physical Education, a more established program would be widely accepted.


What did we need and why did we choose Get Set 4 PE?

Results from the subject’s action plan and subject evaluation forms from the last few academic years highlighted areas of need which would be addressed by the purchase of the Get Set 4 PE platform.

  1. Broad and balanced curriculum supported by progressive, detailed planning.
  2. Boost in staff confidence in delivering sessions across a range of activities and sports.
  3. Reliable assessment tool which can provide teachers with a thorough understanding of the curriculum subject’s expectations for age-related learning, across a wide range of activities.


Impact on the school:

After a year and a half of using the platform, it is evident that the school has benefited from the purchase of Get Set 4 PE. Teachers stretching from the vastly experienced to the relatively inexperienced have all improved their practice as a result of the platform.

The curriculum mapping tool has allowed the subject leader to plan and prepare a broader, balanced curriculum where teachers across the school teach a range of activities. To help with the practicalities of teaching the lessons, the curriculum has been designed in such a fashion where linked years within the same Key Stage (e.g. Year 5 and Year 6) teach the same sport at the same time. This system allows teachers to share resources, ideas and activities with one another, as well as ensuring that the children have more than one opportunity to experience a sport or activity.

The general consensus, across all staff, of the Get Set 4 PE platform is one of sincere positivity. It is abundantly clear that more teachers enjoy teaching Physical Education to their classes and put more emphasis on the subject than before. Teachers across all Key Stages liaise with the PE subject leader more frequently because of the introduction of the platform and the elements it covers.


  • Teachers have shared that the lesson plans allow for fundamental skill development and have been adapted to fit with the curriculum being taught in other subjects. -


  • ‘The plans are thorough with useful resources’
  • ‘Plans are clear and have interesting ideas which the children enjoy’


  • ‘The quality of lessons has helped to ensure that the children are making good progression and attainment’ ‘Good list of the ‘equipment needed’ ‘Very detailed lessons’ ‘Good gradual build up and break down of skills’
  • ’Vast improvement of my own subject knowledge when delivering the lessons’


Impact on the pupils:

Children at Flamstead End School have always looked forward to their PE lessons, and even more so since the purchase of the Get Set 4 PE platform. Children enjoy the activities taught to them, in particular where new and interesting activities, such as OAA and Yoga have been included. In time, we hope that the children of the school recognise that the quality of teaching and learning at Flamstead End school is spectacular!

Scott Woodhouse
It is abundantly clear that more teachers enjoy teaching Physical Education to their classes and put more emphasis on the subject than before.
Scott Woodhouse
Year 3 teacher, PE lead , Flamstead End Primary School