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Blog BLG1015
Keeping your children active at home!
Rafaella Tapales

As we long for better days to come, it is undeniable that our children are experiencing a situation like none we have encountered before and some will be vulnerable in encountering problems with their mental well being at this time.

We believe that it is more important than ever to promote the value of physical activity at this time.  Engaging in physical activity has so many benefits not only for our physical health but also our mental health and well being too.

Encouraging children to engage in regular exercise can reduce rates of depression and anxiety, releasing endorphins in the brain that elevates their mood along with their energy levels and can break the cycle of anxiety by focusing on the demands of the physical activity.

During this period, providing children with physical activity can also help to them to boost their confidence and self esteem by developing their skills, allowing them to engage in challenges either against others or themselves and in return gaining a sense of achievement.

Whilst your children are at home and having to work more independently, being physically active will help them to focus by releasing endorphins to help them to concentrate and feel mentally sharp, making it easier for them to learn and achieve tasks set.

And if the weather is not too good (we know what it can be like here!) then explore these amazing Active Families activities that will help your community and children keep moving at home, while having fun!