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Blog BLG1014
PE and the Recovery Curriculum

This time has been undoubtedly difficult for everyone and for our children, it is like nothing they will have ever experienced before, casting feelings of loss, anxiety and uncertainty over the past few months.

When we return to full capacity in September, schools will have a key role in helping children on their road to recovery, in both gaps in their learning as well as their emotional wellbeing, and now more than ever our amazing subject can have a huge impact on our children and young people.

As ‘Recovery Curriculums’ are implemented within schools up and down the country, focusing primarily on children’s social and emotional wellbeing, we look at a snapshot of how PE can be used as a vehicle to aid this. Physical Education lends itself to so much more than just the physical and whilst physical health is also very important for our children at this time, our subject caters very much so to the development of a child’s social, emotional and cognitive needs too.


Supporting children’s social needs:

Some children will have had very limited time and experiences playing with other children over the last few months and they will require support in rebuilding these relationships with others. Whether this be playing and interacting with their peers, sharing and taking turns, supporting others or providing positive feedback and praise to each other.

How can we support this in our PE lessons?

• Planning activities where children work in pairs or teams

• Providing opportunities for children to feedback to others

• Shifting focus from not just the physical but to how children support one another

• Celebrating each other’s achievements within lessons


Supporting children’s emotional needs:

Every child will have had a different experience over this period, for some this will have been a scary and unnerving time and this will most certainly have had an impact on their emotional wellbeing. Physical Education provides a platform for children to begin to rebuild their confidence and self-worth as well as providing opportunities for children to engage with emotional skills such as honesty, empathy and determination.

How can we support this in our PE lessons?

• Plan activities where children focus on achieving their personal best

• Allow children to work at a pace that is suitable for them

• Provide activities where children have FUN!


This is an ever-evolving situation but one thing remains constant, this is a shared journey and if we continue to place our children at the heart of everything we choose to do we will be able to recover from this.