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Year 4


Scheme of Work


As in all units, pupils develop physical, social, emotional and thinking whole child objectives.

In this unit pupils develop the key skills required for tennis such as the ready position, racket control and forehand and backhand ground strokes. Pupils learn how to score points and how to use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition. Pupils are given opportunities to play games independently and are taught the importance of being honest whilst playing to the rules.

Key Skills

  • Physical: underarm throwing
  • Physical: catching
  • Physical: forehand
  • Physical: backhand
  • Physical: ready position
  • Social: collaboration
  • Social: respect
  • Social: supporting others
  • Emotional: honesty
  • Emotional: perseverance
  • Thinking: decision making
  • Thinking: understanding rules
  • Thinking: selecting and applying skills and tactics

Learning Objective

LESSON 1 To develop hitting the ball using a forehand.
LESSON 2 To develop returning the ball using a forehand.
LESSON 3 To develop the backhand and understand when to use it.
LESSON 4 To work co-operatively with a partner to keep a continuous rally going.
LESSON 5 To use simple tactics in a game to outwit an opponent.
LESSON 6 To demonstrate honesty and fair play when competing against others.

Assessment Criteria

Year 4
I can communicate with my teammates to apply simple tactics.
I can explain what happens to my body when I exercise and how this helps to make me healthy.
I can provide feedback using key terminology and understand what I need to do to improve.
I can return to the ready position to defend my own court.
I can sometimes play a continuous game.
I can use a range of basic racket skills.
I share ideas and work with others to manage our game.
I understand the rules of the game and I can use them often and honestly.

Links to the National Curriculum

Learning of key vocabulary –Opponent, consecutive, forehand, backhand, outwit
Understand and follow instructions
Understand rules and apply them to game situations
Communicating tactics and discussing what made them successful
Adding numbers in ‘Rally for points’

Health and Safety

Ensure the teaching space is clear before beginning and that children are suitably dressed to participate. Any unused equipment must be stored in a safe place.