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Tag Rugby
Year 5/6

Tag Rugby

Scheme of Work
Tag Rugby


As in all units, pupils develop physical, social, emotional and thinking whole child objectives.

In this unit pupils will develop key skills and principles such as defending, attacking, throwing, catching, running and dodging. When attacking, pupils will support the ball carrier using width and drawing defence. When defending, pupils learn how to tag, how to track and slow down an opponent, working as a defensive unit. They will play collaboratively in both uneven and then even sided games. Pupils will be encouraged to think about how to use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition. They develop their understanding of the importance of fair play and honesty while self managing games, as well as developing their ability to evaluate their own and others’ performances.

Key Skills

  • Physical: Throwing
  • Physical: Catching
  • Physical: Running
  • Physical: Dodging
  • Physical: Scoring
  • Social: Communication
  • Social: Collaboration
  • Emotional: Perseverance
  • Emotional: Confidence
  • Emotional: Honesty and fair play
  • Thinking: Planning strategies and using tactics
  • Thinking: Observing and providing feedback
  • Thinking: Selecting and applying skills

Learning Objective

LESSON 1 To develop attacking principles, understanding when to run and when to pass.
LESSON 2 To be able to use the ‘forward pass’ and 'offside' rules.
LESSON 3 To be able to play games using tagging rules.
LESSON 4 To develop dodging skills to lose a defender.
LESSON 5 To develop drawing defence and understanding when to pass.
LESSON 6 To be able to apply the rules and tactics you have learnt to play in a tag rugby tournament.

Assessment Criteria

Year 5
I can communicate with my team and move into space to keep possession and score.
I can identify when I was successful and what I need to do to improve.
I can pass and receive the ball with some control under pressure.
I can tag opponents and close down space.
I know what position I am playing in and how to contribute when attacking and defending.
I understand the need for tactics and can identify when to use them in different situations.
I understand the rules of the game and I can apply them honestly most of the time.
I understand there are different skills for different situations and I am beginning to apply this.
Year 6
I can create and use space to help my team.
I can pass and receive the ball with increasing control under pressure.
I can select the appropriate action for the situation and make this decision quickly.
I can tag opponents individually and when working within a unit.
I can use the rules of the game consistently to play honestly and fairly.
I can work collaboratively to create tactics with my team and evaluate the effectiveness of these.
I can work in collaboration with others so that games run smoothly.
I recognise my own and others strengths and areas for development and can suggest ways to improve.

Links to the National Curriculum

Learning of key vocabulary - Interception, opponent, defend, attack, possession, conceding
Understand and follow instructions
Understand rules and apply them to game situations
Discussing tactics and communicating these with a partner and team
Adding scores in the tournament to get a final placing
Estimating distances

Health and Safety

Unused balls must be stored in a safe place. Tag rugby is a non-contact sport.