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Year 2


Scheme of Work


As in all units, pupils develop physical, social, emotional and thinking whole child objectives.

Pupils learn about mindfulness and body awareness. They begin to learn yoga poses and techniques that will help them to connect their mind and body. The unit builds strength, flexibility and balance. The learning includes breathing and meditation taught through fun and engaging activities. Pupils will work independently and with others, sharing ideas and creating their own poses in response to a theme.

Key Skills

  • Physical: Breathing
  • Physical: Balance
  • Physical: Flexibility
  • Physical: Strength
  • Social: Working safely
  • Social: Sharing ideas
  • Social: Leadership
  • Emotional: Calmness
  • Emotional: Patience
  • Emotional: Understanding
  • Thinking: Selecting actions
  • Thinking: Creating poses
  • Thinking: Focus
  • Thinking: Providing feedback

Learning Objective

LESSON 1 To copy and repeat yoga poses.
LESSON 2 To develop an awareness of strength when completing yoga poses.
LESSON 3 To develop an awareness of flexibility when completing yoga poses.
LESSON 4 To copy and remember actions linking them into a flow.
LESSON 5 To create a flow and teach it to a partner.
LESSON 6 To explore poses and create a yoga flow.

Assessment Criteria

Year 2
I am beginning to provide feedback using key words.
I can copy, remember and repeat yoga flows.
I can describe how my body feels during exercise.
I can move from one pose to another thinking about my breath.
I can use clear shapes when performing poses.
I can work with others to create simple flows showing some control.

Links to the National Curriculum

Learning vocabulary – mindfulness, wellbeing, posture, flexibility
Listening to and following instructions.
Communicating with others.
Reading resource cards.
Creating shapes with their body.
Counting for breathing and poses.
Matching a partner.

Health and Safety

Pupils must remove shoes and socks. Remind pupils that they can stop and rest at any time and not to do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable.