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Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to add your teaching staff to the portal.

To do this:

  • Go to the top right of the screen where you will see your school name. On that drop down menu you will see 'Manage Users,' click here
  • Enter the name and email address of the teacher you want to add
  • Your teacher will be sent an automated email prompting them to create their own password to log into your school account

The account holder of your school is responsible for deleting any users from your school account who no longer teach at your school, as per the terms and conditions. This can be done via the 'Manage Users' tab.





Your curriculum map shows activities for each Key Stage. You are able to enter a maximum of two activities per half term for each year group. There is also a blank activity box in which you can enter any alternative activity that does not appear as an option:

  • Navigate to 'My Curriculum Map'
  • Click on the relevant key stage
  • Drag and drop an activity into each half term
  • If you want to delete an activity from the table to replace it with another one, click on the activity, a bin symbol will appear in the top of the left of the table. Drag and drop into here.


Tips for creating your curriculum map

Consider the order of your activities.

  • Try to place indoor activities such as Gymnastics, Dance and Dodgeball in Autumn 2 or Spring 1 as this is when the weather is coldest outside.
  • Consider your schools timetable when allocating activities to classes to help teachers reduce their organisation of equipment and set up time. For example, Year 2 Gymnastics followed by Year 5 Gymnastics.

Activities are colour coded. These colours allow you to clearly see which activities come under the same activity area. Ensure your pupils are taught a broad range of activities by selecting from the different activity areas. For example:

  • Invasion Games are pink
  • Net and Wall Games are green
  • Striking and Fielding Games purple


When selecting games activities for KS2, view your school’s previous curriculum map to ensure pupils are offered different games activities throughout their school life.  




In order to use the assessment tool, you will firstly need to create and enter your classes:

  • Navigate to 'My Classes' and click 'CREATE NEW CLASS'
  • Complete class details and click 'SAVE'
  • Navigate to 'My Pupils' and click "CREATE NEW PUPIL'
  • Complete pupil details and click 'SAVE'

When clicking back on 'My Classes,' you will now be able to 'VIEW' the pupils in your class.

NB 1. You can upload an excel register to save time when adding your pupils. Download the CSV file template, insert your classes' first and last names and save the file as a .CSV file. Upload the file using the 'Choose file' button.

NB 2. Please note your assessment table and class lists will only appear once you have created your curriculum map.


Once you have added your classes and pupils, and created your curriculum map, you will be able to use your assessment table.

  • From the 'My Classes' page, click on the 'Assessments' button for your class. This will take you to the 'Assessments' page.
  • Your list of pupils will appear in the left hand column of the table. The activities inputted from your curriculum map will be across the top row of the table.
  • Next to the activities is an information symbol, 'i'. Click this, and the assessment criteria will appear for that activity (KS1 and KS2) or the early learning goals for EYFS.

Use the assessment criteria to select a symbol for each pupil for that activity:

                 < is working towards the expected standard (indicates that a pupil will not always consistently demonstrate the criteria required)

                 = is working within the expected standard (indicates that a pupil demonstrates attainment of all of the criteria within the standard)

                 > is working beyond the expected standard (indicates that a pupil demonstrates in greater depth all of the criteria within the standard)


Printing assessment tables

Each of your class sizes may vary in number. To ensure that you are able to print your assessment tables in full, you may need to adjust the scale when pressing print. If your assessment symbols do not appear on the printed version of your table, you may need to  check the 'print background (colours & images)' checkbox when pressing print.




Once an activity has been completed on the assessment table, the symbol entered will also appear on a pupil's profile. 

In addition, a statement will appear at the top of their profile, describing their performance overall. You are able to add additional text, images and videos to evidence pupils learning.








The archive:

On the 1st of August, at the end of each academic year, all assessment tables, pupil profile pages and the curriculum map from the current academic year will automatically transfer into the 'Archive.' You are still able to view and print all of this information when you click 'View Archive' at the top of the 'My Classes' page and 'My Curriculum Map' pages.


Organising your classes for the next academic year:

Once the 1st of August has passed and all of the information from the previous year has been archived, you are then able to edit your class names to organise your pupils for the next academic year. The classes from the previous academic year will still appear in 'My Classes,' follow the steps below to edit this:

To do this:

  • Go to 'My Classes' and delete the oldest year group in your package by finding the class name and clicking 'Delete' e.g. Year 6 for a primary or junior package, Year 2 for an infant package or Reception for an EYFS package.
  • Rename each class and move them up a year group by clicking on 'Edit' and following the steps.
  • Create a class for your new cohort by clicking 'CREATE NEW CLASS' and following the steps e.g. Year 3 for a junior package, Nursery for an infant package or primary package. You will then need to add a list of these pupils by following the guidance on this page in the section 'Adding your classes and pupils.'

N.B. You are able to remove or add individual pupils who have left your school or joined for the new academic year.



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