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Hayfield Primary School

About Hayfield:

Hayfield is a scenic village lying at the foot of Kinder Scout in the Derbyshire Peak District. Our school caters for approx. 180 children, aged 4-11, who live in the village and surrounding areas. We are an integral part of the community with strong school club links. The school is a happy and safe place for children to learn and grow and is set in a stunning location. We make the best use of our learning outdoors and it is important within our school philosophy. Children have 2 hours of PE a week delivered by class teacher, supported by an early year’s specialist and primary PE specialist.

Our PE Vision:

Our pupils will be happy, healthy and caring, with a positive and resilient attitude to learning and life. Through Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) we aim to inspire and enable all children to lead a physically active life, be confident physically and emotionally and be competitive successfully. At Hayfield Primary School we want our PESSPA to provide a positive experience for every child to participate in physical activity and sport in order to develop life-long love of such activity and a growing understanding of the positive mental health impact it can have on their lives. We aim to develop a whole child approach to PESSPA looking at all areas of a child’s development, including physical, social, emotional and psychological.

We felt Get Set 4 PE best matched our school vision.


What did we need?

PE had been led by a HLTA/Primary PE specialist in school. The period of lockdowns due to covid followed by the bubble system forced us to realise that we needed a programme to enable all staff to be confident in delivering PE. We also needed a platform for the PE lead to share all resources throughout the school rather than it all being managed by one lead. Following staff questionnaire there are some areas staff felt confident in but there were some were they wanted extra support and CPD. The staff voice was used when looking for a suitable scheme of work to ensure it matched the needs of our staff. Staff wanted simple, printable lesson plans and easy to assess criteria.


Why did we choose Get Set 4 PE?

As the first school in our area to look into this, I had no recommendations and really was starting with no bias. I trialled 5 schemes of work, spoke to the providers of each one at length. I quickly eliminated many schemes that did not work with our PE vision. I then had a shortlist of 2 and had further conversations with both. My headteacher asked me to view this from a class teacher perspective and not a PE specialist. The warm and friendly approach from Get Set 4 PE with no sales talk assured me that this was the right platform. The experience of the creators as primary teachers assured me that all class teachers would be able to get on and use this scheme successfully.


Impact on the school:

Get Set 4 PE has been embedded throughout the school for teaching and learning. We are hoping that we will in future see the progression of skills clearer due to the whole school approach. The focus on whole child development has worked well with our school development plan and been well supported by SLT and governors. Staff felt more able to use the STEP principle for differentiation and more confident delivering a part whole model to teaching the subject. One of the biggest impacts however is the sharing of data. Teachers can easily access curriculum map, assessment data and notes on individual children which has been entered by the PE lead without needing to discuss. The workload of the PE lead has significantly decreased due to having all areas of the subject in one place and templates readily available for most scenarios. The resources provided throughout the lockdown period were excellent. They were well received by parents and children and the participation rate at home which much improved on the previous lockdown. Also meaning much less work for the PE lead.


Impact on the pupils:

The use of vocabulary in PE has been a positive impact, children now know key vocabulary for each subject area. They feel that they are well supported by teachers to know how to improve and they know their own strengths and weaknesses. Learning has improved due to the skills-based approach taken. The differentiation and whole child approach have enabled us to ensure all PE lessons are not only inclusive but progressive and fun.

Natalie Mills
The differentiation and whole child approach have enabled us to ensure all PE lessons are not only inclusive but progressive and fun. My workload has significantly decreased due to having all areas of the subject in one place and templates readily available.
Natalie Mills
PE lead, Hayfield Primary School