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Harrowby C of E Infant School

About Harrowby:

Harrowby is a very small infant school, joined in an academy trust by a junior school. At our school we have 56 pupils and although they come from a range of backgrounds, many are disadvantaged children receiving Pupil Premium and Free School Meals. In some classes this is as many as 50% of the children. Currently class teachers teach PE twice a week for an hour at a time.


What did we need?

The school has in the past had PE taught by coaches but the staff were not engaging in this as a CPD opportunity. When I began as PE Lead there was no long term curriculum planning or consistent assessment. The school had used bits of another scheme but most teachers taught lessons that they tried to link with topic learning, meaning there was no real skill progression across the year or across year groups. Confidence in teaching PE was very low with no enthusiasm for the subject meaning that almost all other subjects took priority and PE lessons were often missed.


Why did we choose Get Set 4 PE?

I first saw Get Set 4 PE at a conference where there were a number of stands advertising educational packages. I was drawn to it as I liked the way that everything was all on one platform from planning to assessment and that there were ways to analyse the assessments or look at performance of different groups of children. I needed a way to approach everything as a whole and give teachers a complete package to enable them to teach PE successfully. I did the trial period and gathered feedback from the team which was positive from everyone. We all liked that the lesson plans were very easy to follow with clear objectives and development of a skill and that this was progressive across units. When we then chose to subscribe I found it very easy and not too much of a workload to set up all our classes and pupils and get us up and running.


Impact on the school:

Get Set 4 PE has had a huge impact in our school. I have worked on our curriculum map to ensure that the units are progressive across the year, staff know what to teach and when in a clear and concise way, they can navigate the web pages to find what they need. Assessments are very quick and easy to do and when I ask teachers to ensure they have done them I don’t feel like I am giving them a huge workload. I am looking forward to fully maximising the assessment and reporting side of the platform next year as this has been one of my PE actions for the last two years but due to the two school closures this has not been able to be done fully.

The lesson plans have a good structure enabling skills to be embedded and taught with clear warm up and plenary parts. They are easy to follow and staff feel confident in differentiating lessons using them. When I have watched PE lessons the teachers have done well, following their lesson plans, differentiating lessons much more effectively and giving children confidence to learn new skills as they are more confident teaching them. In a recent staff feedback, questionnaire responses were really positive towards the teaching of PE and they said they felt comfortable and more confident teaching it. PE is now consistently taught for the two hours a week it should be and staff teach children more about the positive benefits of PE lessons and staying active. PE has a strong profile across the school and we aim to be an active school with things such as Daily Mile supplementing our PE teaching.


Impact on the pupils:

Get Set 4 PE is age appropriate for our young children and the children enjoy their lessons. On a recent pupil voice study all children asked were 100% positive about PE. They look forward to PE lessons and enjoy lots of active events and a full Sport Week. Children are taught more about the importance of staying active to keep themselves healthy and the staff change in attitude towards PE has contributed a lot to this. Children make more progress in a way that is much more easily assessed. I like how the skills in one unit may lay foundations for the next, ensuring children are learning all the time.

Get Set 4 PE has had a real impact on our school and we are grateful for the continual support, CPD opportunities and constant updates to the platform. Thank you!

Sarah Ebb
Get Set 4 PE has had a real impact on our school and we are grateful for the continual support, CPD opportunities and constant updates to the platform.
Sarah Ebb
PE lead, Harrowby C of E Infant School