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Blog BLG1013
Progression of skills, curriculum design and the EIF

”Most importantly, we have sought to ensure that the framework focuses on the things that matter most. We want to remove any aspects that do not genuinely assess the quality of education, so that providers’ and inspectors’ time is focused on the things that have the greatest impact on learners’ education”.

Ofsted, 2019


Ofsted's latest inspection framework has kicked into action and schools up and down the country are reviewing their current curriculum. The new framework focusses on the quality of education being delivered, in particular looking at the intent, implementation and impact of each school's curriculum. With this in light, schools are beginning to ask, 'what is the EIF and how does it affect me?' What is currently driving our PE curriculum? What are we doing well and how can we ensure that our learner’s needs are at the centre of our curriculum?'

When drilling down into each of the three 'I's, in the simplest of forms, intent is what you want your children to know or do by the time they leave school. To support you and your staff in this, referring to what the National Curriculum expects your children to have achieved by the end of each key stage is a good starting point. A progression of skills document may also help you to show the sequenced learning from EYFS through to KS2.

Implementation is the teacing and assessment part, what you actually are going to do to achieve your intent. Do your teachers have good subject knowledge? How can you support them with this? Are your leaders in school allowing time for your PE leads to ensure that you have something in place to support both teaching and assessment without burdening teachers with extra workload?

And finally, the impact of what you are doing on your pupils. Inspectors will look to see that each subject’s curriculum builds towards an end point.  This can be done through conversations with staff and pupils, assessments, learning walks, teacher and pupil audits and key concepts identified by teachers that they deem to be important in their subject.

If you need any advice on the new framework, please don't hesitate to contact us!