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Blog BLG1008
Smart spending of the Sports Premium Funding
K. Whittall

Will your sports premium funding have a sustainable impact?

Just like everything else when it comes to education, the quality of what you deliver is a key focus for schools. However, this always has to be done within a budget. After all, the amount that is delivered to schools is limited.

A limit on funding can have a negative impact on what a school can deliver and it seems that in some schools this has the biggest impact on PE. It might not seem that PE is as important as other parts of education, but this is incredibly inaccurate. PE is vital to encourage children to be active, to be healthy and to continue this lifestyle throughout their life.


Primary PE and Sport Premium

Realising that there was an issue with the provision of PE within schools due to funding, the government decided to add additional funding for schools up and down the UK. This was introduced in 2013 and was called Primary PE and Sport Premium funding. The funding is allocated to Headteachers within primary school settings and is ringfenced for them to only spend on the PE and sport within the school.


How to best use this funding

With the condition that the school must use the funding to improve the quality of the PE provisions within the school, many Headteachers may wonder how best to have a sustainable impact with the funding that they receive.

The aim should always be to engage pupils in regular physical activity, to raise the profile of PE within the school, to increase the confidence and knowledge of the staff who teach PE and to increase the enjoyment of the children that are within the school.

Some examples of ways to use the funding include:

  • Introduce new sporting activities to encourage more pupils to take them up. This can include activities such as yoga and fencing.
  • Provide your staff with professional training, development and mentoring to improve their own PE knowledge.
  • Provide your staff with PE schemes of work, lesson plans and resources to develop the confidence and competence of your teaching staff. 
  • Purchase new PE equipment.
  • Run sports based holiday or after school clubs for the students to join in with, particularly those that are the least active.
  • Develop teams that can then be entered into local competitions.


There are so many ways that you can use this funding to improve the PE provided within your school. The key questions to ask yourself are:

What would still be here if the funding was taken away tomorrow?

How can you invest long term in the quality of PE that your staff can provide to your pupils? 

Make a list of all the things you have spent or are planning to spend the funding on, and look closely as the impact each spend will have long term. Again, ask yourself: What would still be here if the funding was taken away tomorrow?