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Blog BLG1005
Effective use of Primary PE funding
Nat Richardson

By this stage in the school year, most primaries should have received their first instalment of sports premium funding, but for many schools, the question of how to effectively use this funding lingers on. The government announcement in the summer that the sports premium funding for primary schools will double for the academic year 2017-2018 has been music to many PE co-ordinators' ears; an opportunity for schools to really make a lasting impact on the quality of their PE provision. But how can schools make the most of their funding? Where should they invest this funding to make the 'impact' that is often spoken about?

Having worked alongside primary teachers for over ten years, it seems a lack of training and of course, time restraints on planning, are the recurring themes in play for the quality of PE lessons being delivered to our pupils. So, it is with these two problems in mind, I suggest what I believe to be the most constructive and effective use of a school's precious funding; have someone show you 'how' and find a resource to help with the 'what' to teach.

Observing, team teaching, and being supported by someone who has delivered PE is perhaps the first step. There is no denying that teachers know how to teach, but when faced with a different classroom environment, transitions between activities and grouping and regrouping pupils, teaching a 'high quality' lesson can suddenly become quite daunting. As you would when teaching your own pupils, having something 'modeled' allows you to gain a basic understanding of what PE should look like.

It is all very well and good to have cracked the above, but knowing 'what' to teach is another ball game entirely (pardon the pun!) Finding an easy to use, clear and progressive resource is essential to help you on your way to delivering 'outstanding' PE.

We have an exciting opportunity over the coming year to really make a difference to the PE that is being delivered in our schools. Let’s ensure the funding is used to help to build confidence and knowledge in our hard working teachers.